How to reach the target audience with Line OA features.


     As many people know that the most Thai people nowadays gets used to communicate by mainly online rather than contacting by phone calls or sending e-mails to each other. Line is one of the most popular applications with many users in Thailand. But many businessmen are still overlooking this platform.

     Today we will introduce the features on Line OA (Line Official Account) both old and new that are interesting and useful for your business. Along with various techniques that will help you plan to manage your business easier as follows:

  1. Friend Path

     Friend Path is one of the new features that have just been added to Line OA that will help you to know about the friends that added to Line which channel are they come from, such as add friends Icon, QR code, Line login, sponsored stickers or other channels. The advantage of this feature is you can lead this data to analyze, which channels that customer interact with the most. So, it makes you to reach the target audience more directly. For example, if people added friends from the link on Facebook the most, you should better turn to focus on marketing or promoting various products and services through that channel and create content to attract customer's attention until finally adding friends to the brand's Line OA.

  1. Chat Tag

    Chat Tag feature or tagging for customers is a feature that Line OA has added for classifying the target group in detail and it is able to send the messages to the customer in that directly way. This feature will help business owners to group their customers more convenient. You can choose to send messages specific group Chat Tag that we have created, for example, notifying the customers’ status, whether it is pending payment, waiting for delivery or closing a sale with an easy-to-use method. Just open a 1:1 customer chat and tag them according to the type you want.

     In addition, you can also send promotions or specific group messages that you have set. This feature can tag a maximum of 200 tags and 1 customer can tag a total of 10 tags, which can be seen that the Chat Tag feature is very useful for business owners in reducing confusion when replying to many customers’ chats. Also, this feature can filter customers according to the tags attached to talk to customers with precise requirements.


  1. Audience Features

    Audience Features is another tool that can use the individual part of data of Line OA, it can used in a variety of ways for contacting with customers. The more features you can bring it out, the more your business will grow quickly.

  • Broadcast: Audience can be created by fetching user information that click reads the broadcast message for retargeting in the future.
  • Gain friends or add friends. You can see which channels customers add friends and can use them to create a Friend Path Audience. For example, if you want to create a campaign for followers that are added during the Songkran festival, you are able to create target audience from Friend Path especially at that time.
  • Chat Tag using arrange and classify the customer group through features to create Chat Tag Audience.
  • Web Traffic. If you embed code on your business website with Line Tag, you can use this information to build an audience for retargeting.
  • API can bring user ID upload to create audience and retargeting.


  1. Greeting Message

     Greeting Message is another one important thing that business owners often overlook. Although Greeting Message is just the first message for friends in Line OA, but the important thing that should not be forgotten is the customers add friends mean they need some information. Whether it is product details, price or additional other information. First impression for new customers is not only thing you must aware, but the excellent greeting message will also assist you to close the sale more and more.

  1. Rich Message/ Rich Video/ Rich Menu

     Rich Message and Rich Video are features that many big brands or company has pay attention to. For example, KFC sends the messages to you every day. It looks like a large banner that can insert links to click to other channels. Rich Menu is a shortcut menu in the chat page that helps customers access information faster. A maximum of 6 menus can be created and can determines where the link goes when clicked.


6.Open API

         Open API is an effective helper. Line API comprising of 3 main APIs:

  • Line Login is a helper to retrieve useful information such as Email or user ID that former customers have logged in to access various services. without having to login again every time
  • Line Messaging API, in addition to have Chat Bot to automate interactions with customers, Messaging API have also provided a variety of capabilities that allow messaging to different types of audiences, such as increasing customer response rates more quickly, help answer the frequently question or choose to customize the message to suit each customer etc.
  • Line Frontend Framework (LIFF) to display web application in chat room. So, your customers do not have to leave the Line application to anywhere or share the web page to other Line friends.

     All of these Line APIs will help your business on Line OA channels to manage their operations efficiently and more convenient for planning for marketing


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