Fuji Denki Co., Ltd. (株式会社藤電気)

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Establishment date 1 July 1964
Number of employees 33
Capital 20,000,000 Japanese Yen
Business sector  Industrial machinery business
Official website  https://www.fuji-dnk.com/
Contact person Mr.Hideyuki Namiki (並木 秀幸)
Tel: [please contact: dip.tgoodtech@gmail.com]


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Business profile 
Our company has been pursuing resins and plastics for 70 years and completed a plant in Malaysia in 2013. We can handle high-mix small-lot production and quick delivery.
Since its establishment in 1941, Fuji Denki has kept pace with the times for 70 years. As a company specializing in electric insulation materials, we have offered electric and electronic insulation materials, industrial materials, and various resins and have made efforts as a widely reliable company.

Our company specializes in electrical insulating materials and has a trading division and a processing division. We have direct dealings with many listed companies, establishing a unique position without belonging to any major group.

Based on the customer's application, such as electrical equipment, vehicles, electrical installation, facility-related parts, we propose high-quality, appropriate materials and resin processing methods considering heat resistance, chemical resistance, strength, and other factors.

We offer a wide range of processing services mainly for general FRP (glass laminates, phenolic laminates, fibers, etc.), Nomex, tubes, thermoplastics, etc., offering small-lot production and quick delivery.

Main product 
Electric insulation materials

The main customers of the business 
Various material manufacturers, wire and switch manufacturers, etc., Heavy electric machinery, electric railway, industrial equipment, electrical installation, housing equipment, transportation equipment, semiconductor, manufacturing equipment, and various FA related companies

- Sell products to Thai company 
- Find a distributor in Thailand


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