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We are a company in charge of marketing product distribution and warehouse for affiliates that is a publishing house such as E.Q. Plus, Punika Publishing, Punika Comics Publishing


Open for negotiation

wooden home accessories, stationery, and kitchenware

good quality control / consistent standard

Paper, Plastic and Packaging กระดาษ พลาสติกและบรรจุภัณฑ์

Notebook. Paper. Stationery.

We are looking for longterm partner in stationery and life style product. Please do not hesitate to contact me

Basic Gear Company Limited is a leader in the production of notebooks, notebooks, publishing services. And leather products
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A4 size drawer Stationery

MAde from PP Grade A

Books, newspapers and stationery

Wholesale of books, newspapers and stationery, Wholesale of household goods


COTCO OUTLET HAVE MANY PRODUCTS SUCH AS PVC leather, Sheet, Sponge ( suitable for Automotive, Furniture, Leather Bags, Shoes, Stationery, Sports Equipment and etc.) and FINISHED PRODUCTS such as Pillow, Basket, Apron, Tablecloth, Box and etc.

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