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Thai method is a Platform Handicraft Marketplace gathering Thai handicrafts. By buying the products of the community at the price that the community wants to sell. And in the future there will be a Thai way of being fund established To dividend profit in selling products back to the community Improving well-being Have additional income And focus on overseas sales Develop and design products of the community to be up to date. Match with current lifestyle

Organo is a leader in total water treatment engineering. We add the value of water in many fields and help people, society and the environment.

Plastic Solutions For all Applications

We provide new types of accounting services. By providing online accounting services in a cloud processing system (Cloud processing) is an accounting program service through a web browser that users pay monthly and can use the program as long as they want to use. The company, who provides accounting software, will provide resources related to work such as Server and Software to allow users to use the program via the Internet, with CS Loxinfo Public Company Limited who Maintain information The company will train the use of accounting software together with the program developer.

Japan System (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is an IT company with our main services divided into 3 services as follows 1. Get a website. From small businesses - large businesses The price depends on the needs of customers in each place. That there is a need in which parts are more or less 2. Get marketing in various channels, including Facebook, Line, Instagram, Youtube and Google etc. 3.Outsource is to send employees to work with companies that have IT needs. The amount and duration depend on the customer's company.

Winona Cosmetics Co., Ltd. - Distribute cosmetic products.

Simply Décor co.,ltd. we're factory and export of paper mulberry and fiber paper product.

Sakol Intertrade (1991) Company Limited Universal Group of Companies is a manufacturer of electrical equipment, distributors of various brands. And providing electrical equipment installation services There is a complete business model, from system design, system installation and after sales service. To meet the customers in a variety of needs With the ultimate goal of wanting to serve all customers the best The company is therefore ready to develop various services for the better. Keep up with the times that have changed continuously.
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Elegance Cleansing Soap

Deep cleansing make up removal in one step in 2 minutes althought waterproof make up with 6 premium natural ingredients (Caviar Extract, Vit C, Vit E, Argen Oil, Alpha Arbutin and Hyaluronic Acid). Glycerine 100%, Easy to use, can reduce acne/pimple, moiturizes as it cleans after cleansing and bright skin

Sola Auto Eyebrow Pencil

A soft and smooth eyebrow pencil, easy to write, glides on smoothly & lasts all day which helps balance skin for perfect application & wear. On the other side of the pencil is an eyebrow brush that helps to line up the eyebrows beautifully. Comes with a set of 3 refill eyebrow pencils for replacement.

Sola Cushion Ultra Matte SPF50PA+++

Cushion, matte formula, maximum coverage, gives a flawless finish that lasts 18 hours in one touch.  • Gives the ultimate coverage effect. • Hide all wrinkles and dark spots, blur pores, make the skin smooth and natural, covering up to 18 hours even in hot and humid weather. • With oil control formula. • Waterproof, sweat-proof even in hot and humid weather, • Provides a flawless finish naturally.

Aminta Skin Perfection Serum 30 ml.

Over 4 years of research by a team of researchers from Chiang Mai University has resulted in the best skincare innovation, exclusive copyright under the brand Aminta. With the great innovation from a team of researchers that they transformed 3 types of yellow flowers into powerful extracts, we can be sure that it would work effectively in our skin. It has main features of restoring and protect our skin from today’s extreme environment. It also helps in maintaining skin moisture, protect skin cells from UV rays, reduce inflammation, redness, and itching from sensitive skin. In addition, this serum could also heal wounds and reduce wrinkles with the suitability for all skin types. Main ingredients of AMINTA SKIN PERFECTION Serum that are highly effective. Cassia Fistula extract Cassia Fistula is Thailand national flower that bloom once a year. Its extract was developed to penetrate deeper into our skin’s layers than any of the conventional creams. It’s rich of Bioflavonoids, Fistulin, Triterpenes, which are important substances that help fight against ANTI-OXIDANT. Additionally, Cassia Fistula extract also stimulate collagen fiber production, lift the skin as an Antiaging. Calendula extract contains Lutein which helps brightening the skin, reduce freckles, and dark spots by inhibiting the enzymes that produce melanin. All well, lightens dark spots, bringing back the bright facial skin. Cassia Siamea extract As we get older, that number of natural Hyaluron that were present in the skin will be decreased, forming deep furrows on our faces. Cassia Siamea extract contains Phenolic that would stimulate the production of hyaluron protein which helps in retaining moisture on the skin. Making the skin looks plump and firm. In addition, it helps filling wrinkles without the need of filler injections. Rice extract Adjust and balance the skin, decreasing the exceed oiliness, and hydrate skin. OLIVE OIL We use the premium grade of olive oil which assured high purity. It contains protein E, B, A and many antioxidants. In addition, it helps nourishing the skin. ALOE VERA EXTRACT We use the pure Aloe Vera, obtained from organic hotbeds that it was kept away from the contaminated things. Aloe Vera helps protecting the skin from sunburned, make the skin moisturized for a long time, reduce inflammation, and quickly heal acne. The result -Make your face smooth, white, and clear. -Make the facial skin healthy, not sensitive, reduce acne. -Facial skin get firmed, looks younger, fade away wrinkles. -Dark spots and freckles are noticeably faded. ** The texture is in the form of a light serum. Absorbs into the skin quickly. Does not leave any greasiness on the face. ** Free of alcohol, silicones, paba, colorants and parabens. Direction After cleansing facial skin, apply Aminta serum to the face, neck, and around the eyes’ areas every morning and before bed. It is recommended to use in the first stage before applying your normal moisturizer or sunscreen. Registration receipt number Storage 10-1-6100037831 Treatment Keep the serum in a cool and dry place without direct sunlight. 98% less inflammation of the acne within 1 week 98% skin is soft, more moisturized within 2 weeks 95% black spots fade within 10 days 95% pores appear smaller in 3 weeks 95% Wrinkles are reduced Skin feels firmer within 4 weeks. 93% smooth skin Brighter within 4 weeks Under the supervision of a facial physician Tested not to cause allergies and irritation. ** Tested by a group of 30 female volunteers **

SES RFID tag technology from the creation of the Far East

Things that SES RFID will improve: + Resource planning because each tag has its own unique ID + Inspect the product without seeing + Check multiple inventory in one scan + Embed in products such as pallets, clothes, rubber, etc. + Monitoring under harsh environments (-25 ° C to 100 ° C) + Improve the efficiency of existing ERP systems: Increase monitoring and resource allocation for maximum benefit

RANG waterproof Ballerina Flat model 522

- The outsole is made from PVC - Reuse - Long lifetime - Anti-slip button - Durability and Flexibility - Insole - Added by a soft material to be comfortable for walking - Can take off and wash to reduce bacteria and odor in the shoes - Lightweight around 0.5 kg - The lining is added by a soft material to be comfortable for walking - Comfortable Shape - Various Upper Fabric

RANG Waterproof leatherette working shoe model 511

- The outsole is made from PVC - Reuse - Long lifetime - Anti-slip button - Durability and Flexibility - Insole - Added by a soft material to be comfortable for walking - Can take off and wash to reduce bacteria and odor in the shoes - Lightweight around 0.5 kg - The lining is added by a soft material to be comfortable for walking - Comfortable Shape - Various Upper Fabric

MedMask  Premium quality cloth mask

Property - Fluid Protect against water, virus, spray - Germs Shield, 99.9% - x3 Anti-Dust, 3 layers of dust, 100% confident - Comfort, soft texture Does not irritate the skin - Smart Fit, comfortable to adjust to every face - Safe Ready for Use, sterilized by high heat Unpacked, ready to use immediately. Clean. Safe. - Multi-Wash tattoo at least 10 times, THTI ™ test standard MedMask ™ takes the time to innovate and test the materials that are made into masks that are not only beautiful but they can be used for real protection. Safe for consumers Because of your good health Is our heart


Pro Master Tech Co., Ltd. distributes accessories including       1. EMT, IMC, RSC pipes and equipment       2. PVC pipes and equipment       3. HDPE pipes and equipment       4. Steel Yway rails and equipment       5. Cable tray       6. Cable ladder rails       7. Waterproof electrical steel cabinet       8. Plastic cabinet

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